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In the Bible view, just right on the word you want to search. It will invoke the context menu like above. There are four sub menu available for the quick search.

Whole Bible - Search the selected text in the whole Bible.
Old Testament - Search the selected text in the Old Testament.
New Testament - Search the selected text in the New Testament.
Current Book - Search the selected text in the current chapter.

Search - Invoke the search dialog box with the selected text.
Copy Selected as Text - Copy the selected text unformatted text.
Copy Selected as Rtf - Copy the selected text as formatted text.
Copy all as Text - Copy all the text unformatted text.
Copy all as Rtf - Copy all the text as formatted text.


  • F1 - Invoke the Help System.
  • Ctrl + P - Invoke the Print Dialog Box.
  • Ctrl + X - Cut
  • Ctrl + C - Copy
  • Ctrl + V - Paste
  • Ctrl + A - Select All
  • Ctrl + F - Find
  • F3 - Find Next
  • Ctrl + S - Invoke the Search Dialog box.
  • Ctrl + V - Invoke the Verse List Dialog box.
  • Ctrl + F1 - Previous Book
  • Ctrl + F2 - Next Book
  • Ctrl + F3 - Previous Chapter
  • Ctrl + F4 - Next Chapter



1. Bible Selector - This button is used to select the Bibles available.
Tamil Bible - Tamil Bible (King James Version)

English Bible - English Bible (King James Version)

Compare Bibles - Tamil and English Bibles (King James Version)

2. Previous Book - Go to the previous book.
3. Next Book -  Go to the Next book.
4. Previous Chapter - Go to the previous chapter.
5. Next Chapter - Go to the next chapter.
6. Search - Invoke the search dialog box.
7. Search Result - Show the search results altogether.
8. Verse Lists - Invoke the verse list dialog box.
9. Tamil Keyboard Layout - Show the Tamil keyboard layout.
10. Zoom - Select the size of the text displayed.
11. Result Drop-Down Box - Navigate thru the results available.

Verse List

This dialog box is used to store and view your reference for the particular topic.
Language Check Box - used to switch between lanuages.
Verse Lists - View the selected list from the drop-down box.
Add Button - Used to create a verse list.
Edit Button - Used to edit verse list available.
Delete Button - Used to delete the verse list from the list.


Light of the World

Light of the WorldLight of the World
I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Jn.8:12
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