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Welcome to the wonderful Bible Quiz in Tamil. What a great opportunity to draw closer to Christ, make an impact in other lives with scriptural knowledge, and to meet and to make many new friends.

Qhdj;ijr; rk;ghjp> Gj;jpiaAk; rk;ghjp: vd; thapd; thu;j;ijfis kwthkYk; tpl;L tpyfhkYk; ,U. mij tplhNj> mJ cd;idj; jw;fhf;Fk;> mjpd;Nky; gpupakhapU> mJ cd;idf; fhj;Jf;nfhs;Sk;. QhdNk Kf;fpak;> Qhdj;ijr; rk;ghjp: vd;dj;ijr; rk;ghjpj;jhYk; Gj;jpiar; rk;ghjpj;Jf;nfhs;. ePjp.4:5-7

Ntj mwpT tsu;r;rpf;F ,J kpf rpwe;jjhfTs;s ,e;j Nfs;tp gjpy; gFjpapy; cq;fisNa ePq;fNs guPl;rpj;Jg; ghUq;fs;. Ntjj;jpy; Njwptu;fshFq;fs;.

rj;jpaj;ijAk; mwptPu;fs;> rj;jpak; cq;fis tpLjiyahf;Fk; vd;whu;. Mifahy; Fkhud; cq;fis tpLjiyahf;fpdhy; nka;ahfNt tpLjiyahtPu;fs;. Nahthd; 8:32>36

Note: You do not need the Tamil Bible font for the quiz page, but if you are having difficulties seeing the the quiz page in tamil you can download the font at the link below.

Light of the World

Light of the WorldLight of the World
I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Jn.8:12
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